Certification as a Medical Coding Specialist means that a coder has:
  • Completed the process of certification, including submitting an application and passing a written examination that qualifies both experience and knowledge within the ambulatory health care delivery environment.
  • Made a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge in medical coding through continual education and association within the profession of medical coding.
  • Pledged to uphold the set of standards established by PAHCS' professional Code of Ethics.


There are personal benefits to becoming a certified medical coder:
  • Recognize your skills and qualifications as a coding specialist because of the strict requirements and qualification guidelines of our certification process.
  • Employers recognize PAHCS for it's requirements in certifying coders, and prefer employing coders who are certified. They know that a coder who is certified will be an asset to their workforce.
  • You will be able to network with other coders, employers, and others through the unique networking programs that we have in place.
  • Education is a key part of PAHCS, and you will continually be updated on the latest coding changes as well as learn new skills that will assist you in your career.


Are you a member of another organization?

PAHCS is offering certified coders from other associations the ability to receive a PAHCS certification based on current credentials and without taking another test. To qualify, complete the Special Certification Application (click here for application), send verification of your current certification, include $120 PAHCS annual membership and one time $50 processing fee.

Approved applicants will receive a PAHCS CMCS (Certified Medical Coding Specialist).

Additionally, PAHCS certified coders will not be required to take an ICD-10-CM proficiency exam to keep their credentials, and PAHCS provides its members opportunities to receive the full, 2-year CEU requirement (24 CEUs) FREE.

The AGA Institute has an agreement with PAHCS to offer their GI coders a special joint certification from both PAHCS and AGA Institute. It is important to note that the AGA Institute has reviewed the quality standards of PAHCS certification and has chosen to join forces with PAHCS to offer the credential of CGCS (Certified Gastroenterology Coding Specialist) to their coders.

Download and Complete the Special Certification Application PDF by Clicking Here


Specialty Certification Examination: $250

Certification Renewal: $50 every two years with 24 CEUs