Are you currently teaching medical coding or have you considered becoming an instructor?

Our newest certification, the CHCI, allows you to be recognized and acknowledged for your generalized medical coding knowledge base and your expertise in teaching those principles.


The Purpose of Certification

Certification is a process that provides a level of confidence that the applicant is knowledgeable in a specific area of endeavor.  In certifying medical coders, PAHCS is providing a service to the physicians or other employers of the applicant.  Employers desire assurance that the medical coder has the knowledge and skills to effectively provide coding services in an efficient manner.

PAHCS certification examinations are designed to fulfill that purpose.  We test applicants on the base of knowledge required to perform daily coding duties, as well as the frequently unusual situations encountered in medical offices.

Applicant Minimum Requirements


Complete the PAHCS instructor application and submit to PAHCS for approval

Hold current PAHCS credentials as a certified coder

Show minimum of 3 years experience as a medical coder

Provide two Letters of Recommendation referencing communication skills and coding knowledge. (these can be from peers and/or practitioners)

Pass the CHCI written exam (minimum passing grade of 80%)

Instructor Certification Process

Application acceptance

Written Instructor Exam

Present a 30 minute webinar to PAHCS panel


Written Instructor Exam

Exams can be taken locally or at any scheduled PAHCS exam location. To find our more about exam locations please click here. PAHCS requires applicants to bring a current ICD-9-CM, CPT and HCPCS to testing.  The exam will consist of 100 questions on CPT, ICD-9-CM and HCPCS conventions as well as questions on general teaching and interaction with students.

Instructor Program/Exam Cost

Onetime fee - $300.00

This includes application review, certification exam, CHCI certificate and the PAHCS Basic Medical Study Guide and PAHCS Teaching Tips

For additional information on the on becoming a CHCI with PAHCS please click here

Please click here for the CHCI Application


Click for to view or print the CHCI Instructor Information Page