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What Providers Should Know About ICD-10-CM

By: Lee Browder, National Director of PAHCS

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The Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists ( has verified that professional coders can learn how to use ICD-10 in a couple of hours. Fact is, most of the conventions use for deciding which code to use and how to find them are almost identical between ICD-9 and ICD-10. Based on our findings PAHCS certified coders will not have to take expensive training programs and will not be required to take special ICD-10 proficiency exams. PAHCS recommends coders review terms of anatomy relevant to their specialty. 

Practitioners, in most cases, will be required to document to a higher level of specificity than they may be currently comfortable with and coders will need to communicate with them when they need more information. Under ICD-10, we feel, providers will face the most difficult challenges because they may have to change documentation procedures they have been using since they came into the profession. We recommend providers find out now if there are any new documentation requirements and, if so, begin documenting to those standards. Mistakes can be made, found and fixed now, after October 1, 2014 those mistakes will cause reimbursement to be slower. From our perspective at PAHCS the sky is not falling. This is a change that has been coming and we feel it will be an easy transition for those that take even minimal time to start preparing now. Don’t be one of the groups who will wait till September to start preparation.