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CMCS* is a full certification

When PAHCS coders are certified, they are recognized professionals, with all rights and privileges. Other coding associations offer coding tests but some also require 1 to 2 years of on the job training before you can apply to receive full coding credentials. In our opinion, the PAHCS CMCS* credential is the best option. It recognizes and validates your coding skills now, not 1-2 years in the future.

Who qualifies for a CMCS*?

There are four ways to obtain the CMCS* Certification through PAHCS:

1. Current PAHCS Members can opt to take our Exam; a passing score will add the CMCS* to your Title. Click here to view or purchase the Exam in our store. Please note that Members must be logged in by clicking here to purchase the Exam in our store.

2. If you are currently hold a Certification with another Organization, please click here to find out how you can obtain your CMCS* through PAHCS.

3. If you are a Student currently enrolled in a Certification course with a school, please click here to find out how you can earn your CMCS* through PAHCS.

4. If you are enrolled in the PAHCS Academy, click here to read more about obtaining your CMCS* through PAHCS.

Why a CMCS* certification?

The Certified Medical Coding Specialist (CMCS*) is a full certification that is both cost effective and prestigious. Certification is understood by physicians as a method to verify coders meet an accepted standard and have the skills, knowledge and abilities to be successful. The CBMCS further provides a support system of hundreds of coders and provides a recognized path for coders to become specialty certified as their career progresses. PAHCS supports you in the work place. We are the best certification choice for graduating coders.

CMCS* is cost effective

Student Membership rate - $65 per year (while enrolled in a recognized coding program).

Student rate for the CMCS* exam - $100.

Study Guide - $65

Package includes 1 year membership, exam and study guide - $230.

We offer a payment option on our Package plan for your convenience. Please Click here to view our Brochure.

Our fees are lower than other associations.

PAHCS support network

Our members communicate questions and answers 24/7 through our list serv. Members get "real time" answers from hundreds of coders around the country, and they can help others. It is a FREE benefit with membership. To many coders this is an invaluable service. For doctors, it is like having hundreds of coders on staff (without the overhead).

Local certification exams

PAHCS has scheduled national testing sites and dates and/or we can develop a specific testing solution for you, locally or nationally. Click here to find out more about our testing options.

After Graduation

Employed graduates are the goal - Employers want to hire fully certified coders, not a graduate who needs 1-2 years of OJT before they become eligible to apply for a full credential as a coder? The PAHCS certification recognizes educational value and is a full credential from day one. Doctors hiring PAHCS certified coders hire a fully certified coder who has a vast network of professional coders willing and able to help graduates succeed.

PAHCS educational and professional support - PAHCS coders, certified and non-certified all have access to free and low cost educational opportunities. We have a Continuing Education University (CE University) where certified coders can accumulate CEUs in preparation for their recertification. We also offer webinars, e-newsletters and quarterly hard copy newsletters giving coders the latest in coding material. Members turn to the PAHCS Network where hundreds of coders freely exchange information on daily coding questions.
What the future holds for graduate coders. In the coming years ICD-10-CM will present a significant learning curve for coders and doctors as they adapt to ICD-10-CM changes. PAHCS will be there every step of the way to help our members and their doctors through this transition as well as assisting them to meet their daily coding needs. PAHCS offers FREE and low cost webinars and training on many coding topics to include ICD-10-CM.

Recognized path to specialty certification - According to multiple salary surveys, specialty coders are paid more than non-certified coders and more than certified coders. We offer CMCS* coders an opportunity to become specialty certified by taking a 60 question specialty exam. This allows them to increase their value as a coder once they have been coding in a specialty. We are the ONLY certifying agency where this is possible. Other coding associations require a full specialty examination or do not offer specialty certifications.

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* CMCS was previously known as CBMCS